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Splash of this and a splash of that! June 5, 2012

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I’m taking a quick break from a project that will be almost done soon because I just had a thought that I should share with you! (PS. I’ll be mostly FREE in 9 days!! Whooppieeeee!!!)

Now, we’ve all heard that we should drink 8 glasses of water a day right? And no, this does not include coffee, some teas, or alcoholic beverages. (In fact, for every one of those you should try to drink at LEAST 1-2 extra glasses of water!)

So, drinking that amount of water seems a bit overwhelming. Plus, water just tastes a little bland or it has that “city water” taste! (Sorry, I grew up on well water…sooo much better!) With this hot weather we’ve got this season, we need to start getting our water intake increased a bit.

My suggestion to you, to encourage you to drink more water, is to put something in your water to “freshen” it up a bit and make it a little more yummy. Sliced cucumber, lemon, lime, strawberries, kiwi, or a little squirt of vanilla extract…something non-artificial and not sugary. The possibilities are endless! Yes, it sounds like a luxury thing to do, but really…we need more water so why not give it a try!

And to some who need a little extra motivation…I’ve read that drinking water helps boost your metabolism (you can burn off your food and a little extra a little quicker)

Have a great week and enjoy the weather!!