Emilee Thiessen

Rolling Up the Sleeves March 26, 2012

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School for me runs like the highschool calendar, meaning, I’m on Spring Break! Most people would say, “Alright! Time to relax and do nothing!!” I say, “Oh my! Here it comes!” as I watch the tidal wave of things on my to do list get longer and longer.  This is my time  get ahead on some assignments, but mostly to catch up on all the assignments I haven’t had the pleasure of getting to because of how busy my schedule has been….mainly…BUSINESS (*read in a “doomful” voice*)…sorry Chris F. if you’re reading this, it wasn’t intentional at all! I promise!

This business project really is called a “Dream Project.” Create your dream business for your massage therapy business and make a business plan.  How do you want to stand out in your community?  How do you plan on being successful?  What is important to you when dealing with clients?  Simple. Right? NOPE! That’s okay though! That’s how we grow and challenge ourselves to delve into who we want to come as massage therapists and business people in the community! A little bit of wrestling can go a long way!

I realize that this project is a dream goal but I’m trying it to be representative of who I am and would like to be as a therapist.  I am a very family oriented person so my dream project is to eventually work out of my own home so that I can have a flexible schedule when we have the pitter-patter of little feet in the house! (Please no rumours…I am not currently pregnant!)

When I started at this school, I was a little scared of what lay before me.  What kind of things will I be learning?  Will I be able to apply what I’m learning to actually HELP people?  Will people like my touch as therapist?  How long will it take before I can feel these muscle fibers!?  Am I ready to go out into the “real” world and start treating people and making a difference?  It seemed very overwhelming, but you learn to crawl before you learn to walk, and you learn to walk before you learn to run.  Everything comes in bite sized pieces that are manageable.  I LOVE what I have learned so far and what I have yet to learn in AND out of the classroom!  This has been such an incredible journey of learning and struggle for me.  This scary decision has been a fantastic one!

So, may I encourage anyone, who is thinking about getting into something – whether it be learning something new, trying to start a new business, or anything else that may seem scary or overwhelming to begin with….someone I know, and I too, believe that “you can’t roll of your sleeves and wring your hands at the same time!”

Time to Roll up the sleeves with this project and get it going!!  Good luck with yours!



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